Beter Bed Holding

Annual Report 2015


Proud of our staff

The employees are the calling card of the company. They ensure not only honest services but also a pleasant shopping environment. Partly for that reason, the formula Matratzen Concord has decided to invite its employees to figure in its marketing campaigns.

Quality of our staff

To safeguard staff quality, evaluation and performance interviews take place every year. Training and education are provided on a systematic basis; in 2015, ‘on the job’ training with electronic support (e-learning and e-training) was introduced in the Netherlands for staff in the stores and in logistics.

Effectory surveyed employee satisfaction at Beter Bed Nederland in 2014. With a score of 7.4, Beter Bed was ranked third in the Retail sector and could therefore call itself ‘Best Employer’ in 2015. Beter Bed Holding intends to have this survey carried out biennially.

Health and safety of employees

The company sets great store by the safety and health of all employees. In view of the nature of the occupational risks, there is a special focus on the staff behind our logistic processes. This is why in 2015 we conducted another random survey of the distribution centres and cargo bays of our delivery trucks in the Netherlands for hazardous substances. Beter Bed Holding is pleased to report again, in line with its expectations, that no hazardous substances were found.

Sickness-related absenteeism increased in 2015. The increase in the number of sickness-days occurred mainly in Germany, as a result of a widespread flu virus. The share of people with long-term illnesses edged up slightly. Policy is aimed at further reducing work-related absence by providing more extensive support to the employees concerned.


Diversity in the composition of management and other teams is a major ambition pursued by Beter Bed Holding. In Beter Bed Holding’s view, women tend to have the final say in decisions on purchases. The company signed the Charter ‘Talent to the Top’ in 2014. This initiative is a code with clear agreements and a public commitment for achieving diversity at the top of the company.

In its previous annual report, the organisation stated that it would undertake additional efforts to increase the number of women in management positions. This resulted in a rise in the number of female managers from 27 to 32 (+19%) in 2015. In Germany, a female marketing manager joined the management team. Also in Germany, three women were added to the sales management.