Beter Bed Holding

Annual Report 2015

Additional details

  • Post-balance sheet events

    No events that are required to be disclosed occurred in the period between the end of the year under review and the preparation of these financial statements.

  • Appropriation of profit

    Appropriation of profit pursuant to the articles of association

    Article 34 of the Articles of Association states the most important provisions pertaining to the appropriation of profit:

    Paragraph 1

    Every year the Management Board, subject to approval from the Supervisory Board, determines the proportion of the company’s profit – the positive balance of the profit and loss account – to be added to the company’s reserves.

    Paragraph 2

    The profit remaining after the reservation pursuant to the previous paragraph shall be placed at the disposal of the Annual General Meeting.

    Appropriation of profit


    Profit for the year


    Interim dividends paid


    Addition to reserves1


    Available for payment


    1. 1 On the basis of the balance of outstanding and repurchased shares as at 31 December 2015.

    The proposal for the appropriation of profit has not been taken into the balance sheet.

  • Independent auditor's report