Beter Bed Holding

Annual Report 2015

Expectations and outlook

The outlook for 2016 is positive. The economic outlook and the development of the housing market (at low mortgage interest rates) continue to appear to be favourable, despite a number of uncertainties. Building on the results of the measures put in place in the past few years, steps will be taken to continue like-for-like growth and to ensure that the formulas remain contemporary. To achieve this, a new strategic plan was formulated in 2015 for the period 2016-2020, named 'From good to great'. The primary focus in that plan will be on innovation and maximum customer satisfaction in an omnichannel environment. Expansion will also be a priority, in order to further strengthen the position of our formulas in the various countries.

Uden, The Netherlands, 10 March 2016

A.H. Anbeek,

B.F. Koops,

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Financial Officer