Beter Bed Holding

Annual Report 2015

Objectives 2016-2020

Customer satisfaction

In all markets in which the company operates, Beter Bed Holding aims to optimally serve its customers with strong, contemporary formulas in an omnichannel environment. The customer’s wishes are leading and customer satisfaction is the benchmark. The store concepts are positioned and expanded with a view to optimal utilisation of growth opportunities, so as to increase market share and strengthen our market leadership.

Net profit

Increasing net profit, regardless of market conditions. Beter Bed Holding targets above-average growth and expansion of its leading market position, even in challenging market conditions. Customer satisfaction resulting in like-for-like growth, expansion within existing formulas, margin improvement and cost control are the key drivers of net profit.

Balance sheet structure

A strong balance sheet with solvency of at least 30% and a ratio between net interest-bearing debt and EBITDA not exceeding two. The dividend policy is applied and net working capital and leverage are managed within those frameworks, taking account of the required liquidity.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Beter Bed Holding and its subsidiaries consciously and conscientiously act in their stakeholders’ interests, combining healthy entrepreneurship with respect for people and the environment.